How to Install a Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet

Project Overview

Ready to give your sink a makeover? You’re just a few hours and turns of a wrench away from the faucet of your dreams. A plumbing project does take some extra preparation and can get messy, so be sure to read this manual carefully. And remember, our DIY experts are here for you at every step!

Skill Level
Active Time
2 to 3 hours
Total Time
2 to 3 hours                

Your Character Kit

Here are the supplies you'll find inside of your Faucet Kit.

basin wrench
Basin wrench
Plumber's putty
Plumber's thread seal tape
Mircrofiber rags
Heavy duty wet wipes

Additional Supplies

Have a few more tools on hand for this project. Note that some items are optional depending on what you'll be repairing.

Your new faucet
Adjustable wrench
Bucket or bowl
Towel or drop cloth
General purpose cleaner
Tongue & groove pliers
Allen or hex wrenches
Flashlight or headlamp
multi-bit screwdriver
No-touch circuit tester
Tips Before Getting Started


When you're ready to start, follow the guide below for step-by-step instructions. P.S. Don't forget to snap a before photo of your space to capture your transformation!

Project Glossary
Project FAQs

You'll need: The Faucet Kit