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The Gallery Wall Kit (No Holes)

$49 5 Piece Kit, Adhesive Strip Set + Gallery Wall Hanging Instructions

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Turns out walls do talk, and you can make them say whatever you want. The best way to create this conversation? A gallery wall. Mix and match frames, mediums, and decor to create your spin on this display and do it seamlessly. This kit takes you through prep and arranging, then installation - all with step-by-step guidance and the right supplies for your home. 

Choose the right type of hardware for your walls or opt for no holes at all, then make it happen. Need help? See our guide below for help determining what kind of walls you have.

The Kit Includes:

  • Selected 3M Command Strips (hangs up to 12 items)
  • Kraft paper wall template
  • Painter's tape (1 roll)
  • Pencil and sharpener
  • Comprehensive how-to instructions for simple installation
    woman hanging gallery wall

    How to hang a gallery wall.

    DURATION: 1.5 - 2 HOURS

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    Give Your Walls A Knock

    A quick way to determine which kit you need? Give your walls a knock. Did you get a hollow or airy sound? That’s drywall. Dense or dull? Most likely brick or concrete. Plaster walls, common in old houses, are in between - they’re harder than drywall but not solid. To be sure, find an unfinished area of your home like the attic check it out.

    This project is better with help! Chat with our team of DIY experts.


    See how a tiny gallery wall can go a long way.

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