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The Hole Patching Kit (Small Holes)

$35 $40 9 Piece Kit + Hole Patching Instructions

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You can’t go wrong with spackle around. This kit is almost like magic - disappearing holes as small as a tiny nail to those as large as softball. Whether you’re moving in, moving out, preparing to paint or finally getting to your to-do list, this kit is a must-have in the home and comes with enough to cover many patching projects. Select the kit you need by size of your repair to seamlessly patch up smaller holes or medium ones (up to about 6” wide) as well as cracks.


The Kit Includes:

  • Flexible putty knife (2 in)
  • Gorilla Wall Repair (8oz tub)
  • Gorilla Wood Filler (Natural color, 6 oz)
  • Sanding sponge (x2)
  • Rags (x2)
  • Comprehensive how-to instructions for simple hole repair
DURATION: 2-3 Hours
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

How to patch a hole or crack.

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Patching up an old telephone wire hole.

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