Project Kit 3-Pack Bundle

$65 $117 Save 44% | 3 Project Kit Bundle

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This 3-pack of project kits is 44% off and just what any new homeowner or renter needs to kick their space transformation off right. 


It includes the essential tools and supplies plus comprehensive how-to guides for three of the most common projects: hanging a personalized gallery wall, patching holes, and installing new light fixtures.


In the bundle:

  • The Gallery Wall Kit - for hanging the perfect gallery wall
  • The Light Fixture Kit - for swapping and installing light fixtures
  • The Hole Patching Kit - for repairing small nicks and holes 

The Gallery Wall Kit

Prep, arrange, then installation - all with step-by-step guidance and the right supplies for your home.

Kit includes: Hanging hardware, paper wall template, painter's tape, pencil and sharpener, and comprehensive how-to instructions for simple installation.

The Light Fixture Kit

Upgrade any light fixture in your home or install a new one with this kit.

Kit includes: The Wire Cutter Pliers, a no-touch circuit tester, wire nuts, electrical tape, grounding wire, ground screws, and comprehensive how-to instructions for simple installation.

The Hole Patching Kit

Patch any hole or nick many times over with this complete kit.

Kit includes: Flexible putty knife, spackle, drywall tape, drywall repair patches (6x6" and 4x4"), sanding sponges, rags, and comprehensive how-to instructions for simple hole repair.

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