How to Caulk Your Trim, Tub, or Tile

You'll need: The Caulking Kit

Choose your caulking kit

Project Overview

Ready to freshen up your molding or patch up that leaky sink or tub? Most of us know the basics of caulking, but first time projects can get messy. Rest assured! We'll guide you through the process with pro-tips and techniques for a clean application and proper seal.

Skill Level
Active Time
30 mins to 1 hour
Total Time
24 to 48 hours

Your Character Kit

Here are the supplies you'll find inside of your Caulking Kit. Note that silicone caulk comes in the kitchen & bath kit, while acrylic caulk comes in the trim & molding kit.

Silicone or acrylic caulk
Dripless caulk gun with cutter
microfiber rags
Microfiber rags
painter's tape
Painter's tape
5-in-1 caulking tool
cleaning wipes turbo towels
Heavy duty cleaning wipes
Bead size cheat sheet

Additional Supplies

Have a few more tools on hand for this project. Note that some items are optional depending on what you'll be repairing.

Utility knife
General purpose cleaner
Towels or drop cloth
Vacuum or broom
Tips Before Getting Started


When you're ready to start, follow the guide below for step-by-step instructions. P.S. Don't forget to snap a before photo of your space to capture your transformation!

Project FAQs