How to Paint Any Space

You'll need: The Painting Kit

Project Overview

Painting a wall can transform a space and is an incredibly easy and attainable project for even a novice. It can make a room feel more fresh, clean, bright, moody, vibrant, relaxing or exciting, depending on the look you’re going for. But, painting a wall improperly can distract from that transformation. This guide will walk you through your DIY painting project, while teaching you techniques that will be useful for years to come.

Skill Level
Active Time
30 mins to 1 hour
Total Time
4 hours

Your Character Kit

Here are the supplies you'll find inside of your Painting Kit. Note that the roller covers will vary between the textured and smooth wall kits.

painter's tape
Painter's tape
paint brush
2” angled paint brush
Roller frames (3" and 9")
Roller covers (3" and 9")
paint tray
Painting tray and liners
plastic drop cloth
Plastic drop cloth
Paint pail
Stir sticks
5-in-1 painter's tool
5-in-1 painter's tool

Additional Supplies

Have a few more tools on hand for this project. Note that some items are optional depending on what you'll be painting.

Wall paint
screwdrive multi-bit
sanding sponge
Sanding sponge
Tips Before Getting Started


When you're ready to start, follow the guide below for step-by-step instructions. P.S. Don't forget to snap a before photo of your space to capture your transformation!

Project FAQs