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The Light Fixture Kit


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Great light is the keystone to a well-designed space, and it all begins with a fixture. Chandelier, sconce, or vanity – accent light, ambient, or task – you should never settle for what’s installed if it’s not brightening up your life. In this kit, you’ll find all the tools, supplies, and comprehensive instructions to make a swap safely and seamlessly.

The Kit Includes:

  • The Wire Cutter Pliers
  • No-touch circuit tester (batteries included)
  • Wire nuts (enough to replace two fixtures)
  • Electrical tape
  • Grounding wire (2 feet)
  • Ground screws (x2)
  • Comprehensive how-to instructions for simple installation
  • Virtual Expert Support for the duration of your project
guy installing light sconce
DURATION: 1.5 -2 Hours

How to hang a light fixture.

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pendent light hanging in living room

Wondering how low you should hang your light fixture?

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