How to Install or Replace Cabinet Hardware

Photo credit: Hapny

Project Overview

One of the quickest and simplest ways to update the look of your furniture or cabinetry is to swap old hardware for new. In this how-to guide, we'll walk you through the steps for doing a quick swap or drilling new holes and fitting new hardware.

Skill Level
Active Time
15 mins to 2 hours
Total Time
15 mins to 2 hours

Supplies you'll need for a swap.

Here are the supplies you'll need to swap old hardware for new, using existing holes.

Hapny smiley face hardware
New hardware
character screwdriver
Tape measure

Additional supplies you'll need for drilling new holes

You will need a few extra things if you're making new holes in your furniture.

hardware installation template and drill bit
Template and drill bit
Power drill
Character green painters tape
Painters tape
Tips Before Getting Started


When you're ready to start, follow the guide below for step-by-step instructions. P.S. Don't forget to snap a before photo of your space to capture your transformation!