The Caulking Kit

6 Piece Kit + Caulking Instructions


Meet the holy grail of sealing all in one kit. Add the right caulk color and type based on your project and we’ll deliver all you need to seal bathtubs, sinks, trim, or whatever else calls for caulking in your home.

Not sure what type of caulk to add to your order? Check out our tips below.

The Kit Includes: 

  • Dripless caulk gun with cutter, smoother, and caulk caps
  • Microfiber rags (x2)
  • Painter’s tape (1 roll)
  • 5-in-1 caulking tool
  • Heavy duty cleaning wipes
  • Comprehensive how-to instructions for caulking steps and technique
Your Total:

How to caulk sinks, bathtubs, trim, and more.

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Seal It Up Right

Your choice of caulk depends mostly on two key things: location and desired color.

For wet areas like tubs and sinks, choose a silicone caulk – it’s waterproof and the most mildew resistant. For dry areas like molding and trim, go with the paintable acrylic latex. Color choice is up to you.

A few tips: If you’re removing old caulk, check out the color you already have to assess if you want to match it or switch it up. And when considering clear caulk, check the space you’re planning to seal - it can blend well with tile and other surfaces, but if there is a gap between them, clear may accentuate it.

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Learn about the types of caulk and when to use them.

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